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Due to the competitive nature of Library and Museum Supplies and the ability to purchase them on the web, we will no longer be supporting those products. Bury Museum and Library Supplies will only be offering storage products including shelving and carts.

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Pallet Racking

Shelving and Carts are available through Hi-Cube

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Mobile Carts

Custom built, our carts are ideal to move around and create extra space for community events. We have a wide variety of end panels that will integrate beautifully with your interior decoration.

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Cantilever Shelving

This type of shelving is ideal for an ever-changing space. The adaptability that they offer will allow you to reconfigure, relocate, expand, and even make them mobile. It includes a wide option of accessories to store any type of media format.

Mobile Shelving

A great alternative to any traditional static shelving is Mobile Storage. When you have limited space available for storage, movable shelving will, most of the times, double your storage in the same square footage as regular shelving. 


Our experience:

With decades of experience, Hi-Cube hosts a wide variety of book cases, carts, shelves, reception desks, and even mobile storage. 

Post Secondary Libraries

From a small cart to a mobile shelving system, we have it all! We understand limited spaces and budgets so allow us to offer a solution for your storage needs.

Public Libraries

We offer a wide selection of book cases, shelves, tables, and even mobile storage. We piece together library décor and functionality with an amazing range of color and style option


Customizable storage solutions that include drawers, stackable and full-height cabinets; static and mobile shelving are all designed to protect and preserve artifacts.

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